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A Man Who Prays

I saw the pastor pray one day. While down on bended knee, tears trickled down his ruddy cheek, and then he looked at me. His eyes were full of compassion. His heart looked into my own, without judgement or condemning, like a friend I'd never known. He shook my hand and asked if he could pray for a new start. Then with a heart of love, he begged God to heal my life, to change my heart. I had lunch at the pastor's house that day, a home where kindness dwelt. He showed me how to walk with God, to read my Bible no matter how I felt. His caring touched my heart in a life-changing way. The world somehow looked different, and I knew that's the way it would stay. Years have passed, and I still come upon the pastor on his knees. And I know that this is a man of God, a man who prays for me.

Auther Unknown

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