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My Psalm
Jesus Love

Fill my heart with kindness Lord, Let it overflow with cheer, Help me eliminate moments in life, Where there may be some fear.

Cause me to perform many simple deeds, And let each aftermath be profound, So the Light of your Eternal Love, In lost souls can be found.

Teach me how to pray Dear Lord, And hear what I might say. Allow me to honor and glorify You, In a thankful yet humble way.

Inspire me to appreciate Each flower, plant or tree, Whole beauty is another lesson in True Peace and Tranquility.

Guide me as I tread upon, Each pathway strewn with love, Let my soul illuminate blessings Which I receive from You above.

When my life on earth is over, Let me bow before Thy throne, And judge me for each act of love, That I have truly shown.

Auther Jack Duggan

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