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The A.B.C's of Becoming a Christian

Go To Church

A Admit that you are a sinner
B Believe that christ is the lord
C Confess him before men
D Deny yourself and follow him
E Enjoy being a child of God
F Forgive your enemies so your father will also forgive you
G Glorify your father who is in heaven
H Honor your father and mother
I Ignore Satan when he comes to decieve you
J Judge not
K Keep working for Jesus
L Leave your past behind you
M Marvel Not
N Never go to sleep with hatred toward your brother
O Obsess yourself with the word of God
P Provide food for the hungry
Q Quit serving the things of this world
R Respect God and the things of God
S Sell your soul to God
T Tell your friends about Jesus
U Unite yourself with other christians
V Venture into strange lands spreading the word of God
W Witness to others
X Xray your heart every day
Y Yearn to see God
Z Zone the devil out of your life

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