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A Plot Of Weeds

A Plot Of Weeds

As I stood and admired God's wonderful world As a garden of beautiful plots. I said,"Father, where would you have me to work? Just assign me some nice spot." Then He turned my attention to a corner of weeds And, He said,"You can tend that for me." And I said," Oh, Lord, not that overgrown acre. There's nothing but briars and weeds. "In a rose garden maybe, or a lilac lagoon I will labor til life's race is run. But don't put me out in some lowly ravine Where nobody can see that I've done. "Why people would laugh, Lord, they'll call me a fool. They'll say this work can't be of you. I'd much rather work in a vineyard with folks who'll appreciate all that I do. "Lord, I'd work and I'd toil if I had fertile soil I would plow, I would plant and I'd seed. For, I do want to serve in the garden of life But, Lord, not in an old plot of weeds." Then I lifted my eyes to the eyes of the Lord, And the love and compassion was plain With infinite tenderness, He took me aside, And gently to me He explained: "Child, not all of my garden is level and smooth. Many places are rugged and rough. And some must be willing to work without praise And to serve where the going is tough. "And, I have chosen you this one special task And it's not just an old plot of weeds; For my people are there in oppression and fear And your efforts can help fill their needs." He said," Aren't you willing to suffer a little bit for me After I suffered so much for you? Would you be so ungrateful that you would recall The work that I've asked you to do?" Then He said, "Little one, get your hoe and your plow And go on to your garden of weeds. Don't worry about people and what they might say. Are you working for them or for me?" So, I made up my mind I would give it my best For I knew when the work had begun; That God would send others to lighten the load And together we get the job done. And when the last harvest is finally in, If we've worked in the sunshine and rain; Together we'll stand at the end of the way and we'll see what our labor has gained. No, a garden of weeds full of thistles and thorns Would hardly be anyone's choice. But the work of the Lord without hope of reward Brings contentment and cause to rejoice. So, if you are hoeing and plowing today Where the ground seems unyielding and bare; Child of God, don't look back but just keep pushing on If you know he has stationed you there. And here is the way you can know, day by day, That you're in the right place when you spot it; weary and tired in God's way, But you will never grow tire OF it.


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