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Jesus Love
Prayer Requests

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. James 5:16

Noland Luckett
Larry Solomon
Jesse Morgan
Elwood Daugherty
Melissa Smith
Sidney Friend & Family
JoAnn Patrick & Family
Mr. & Mrs Lemery Martin

Carla Spencer
Ocie Hawkins
Wilbur Moffitt
Mike Abney
Tommy Henry
Pat Couch
Price Jones
Mike Chaney
Dalton Miller
Gary Becknell
Barbara A. Marcum
Mike Shackelford
The Arvin Family
Hobert & Aileen Hatton
Chester & Dorothy Burgess
Jimmy Carr's mother & grandmother
Michelle Kemberton
Gross Family
All those working on the fellowship-hall
Glendon Combs
Roger Hall
Katie Gross
Bud Smith Eldena Martin
Tracey Miller
James King
Jimmy Webb
Sally Morgan
Emily Lambert
J.J. Jones
Glenn Stamper
Terry Wilson
Jim Oaks
Vivian Townsend
Lulie Hunt
Evely Henry Lisa Arrowood
Judy Hatton
Vicki Watson
Vera Fields
Gladys Lane
Greg & Tracye Woolery & Family
Cebert & Brenda Rogers
Ralph & Connie McClanahan
Hoy & Wilma Richardson
Bro. Joe & Judy Williams
Nelson & Jean Alexander
Todd Clemmons & Family
Eric Johnson & Family
Sidney Friend & Family
Bread of Life Ministery
Bonny's Prayer List
Names in Prayer Box
Our Sister Churches
Our Nation, Community, Work Places
Sheriff Gary Freeman & Deputies
Jailer Wayne Abney & Deputies
Estill Co. Jail Inmates
Tim, Terry, Glenn & Family
Rogers, Dorita & Carol's families
Ronnie & Chuck Johnson
Our lost family, friends, and loved ones


Bertie Smith
Sarah Smyth
Nellie Abney
German Banks

Nursing Home

Lilly Bailey (Irvine)
Maxine Allen (Irvine)
Bonny Hall (Irvine)
Mary Frymyer (Lee Co.)
Herb Henry (Lee Co.)
Vernon Watson (Coldsprings)